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Combat Contractor Marketing & Coaching makes it simple for you to show your service area customers what is unique about your business. You will see how fast you find new customers searching for your unique installations and services. We always adjust your marketing based on your busy schedule to provide efficient and robust labor load management. The same marketing strategy does not work for all contractors. Unfortunately, many marketing companies use the same marketing strategy for every company. That does NOT work!! The method we provide is customized for your business; its goals, location, business type, and high-value targeted customers. You will definitely benefit from our proprietary process and our proven formulas and systems for each marketing channel.

Determine Your Local Zone

Your location is critical to creating your marketing strategy. We all know contractors who have had successful campaigns in one part of the country and try to duplicate the same material for their location and are unsuccessful. Some businesses have four seasons, while others are different. We start our plan by knowing what geographical zone your business is in and work with that information.

Survey Company Details

We want to learn everything about your company. The information about your service area, how many installers you have on staff, and the number of service and maintenance people you employ. The information as to how many salespeople and leads you get per day will help us to keep you reaching your goals? The more we know about your business, the better we can plan and implement a marketing mix to grow your company and achieve your goals.

Analyze, Research, and Create Website pages, Restructure Architecture, and Content to High Profile Customers

We must do a lot of work that may not be visible to everyone to find a successful message to communicate across all marketing channels. We need to know everything about your customer profile. This way, we use psychology conversions to increase sales.

Review Company P&L and Set Sales Goals

Your business goals are critical for us as we join with your team to reach every one of them. We measure our success in sales income. You cannot take visitors, traffic, or clicks to the bank! With our plan, we have automated triggers of actions needed. If you are not hitting your sales goal numbers each week, our marketing can fuel your sales. You will see a big difference almost immediately.

Develop New Marketing Budget by Month

Before creating a marketing plan with us, you have to develop a marketing budget by the month. This will be based on performance, location, industry, and vendor sales. We make sure you will always lead to your competition.

Build Ideal Customer Demographic Details

This profile is the DNA of your customer. We will know more about them than any of the other companies. We will uncover much more than the age, education, gender of clients. Tech companies have made billions of dollars by just knowing and understanding the needs of their customers.

Build Ideal Customer Social Details

Here we will examine all of your customer’s habits, hangouts, sites visited, favorite brands, regular Driving patterns, and social media trends. We find out who they are influenced by, where they go daily, their buying habits, and psychological patterns? Welcome to our fortune 100 type marketing for contractors.

Locate & Target High-level Customer

At this point, we know who and everything about your high value targeted customers. The next step is finding out where they are located. This is much more than a zip code. This is precisely their address and email.

Review Cost per Marketing Channel

Before we are ready to implement a strategy for your marketing plan, we need to know your cost per customer acquisition. We can then examine these costs by department. We also will see the cost per call, cost per lead, and much more for every type of marketing from email, social media, Google PPC to lawn signs.

Create a Marketing Calendar

Once our budget is established and planned out every week for the year, we determine the marketing channels that give us the details to best reach your goals. This is a complicated process and planned out months in advance. This way, we always know what products are in production and what ads are ready to be launched.

Buy Social Media, & Marketing Channels

Now is the time to buy our marketing mix from digital agencies well in advance. This will allow us to get the best value and stretch your marketing dollars. If you buy within six to eight months of your published date, you will pay top dollar. That is not to say that we have all our contacts notify us if they are looking to fill space at a significantly lower cost before their deadline.

Create art, specials, and media for all Marketing Channels in advance

We plan to reach our sales goals by planning our marketing to create more sales each month. You are prepared with a design of your personal marketing plan. This will be put together well ahead of time with all of the information listed under one company. We will target and send out a message that is very clear and convincing that will drive sales when thoroughly planned and approved.

Review of Marketing Strategies

Today, there are so many places to spend money on marketing. We are always keeping in-tune with all other industry materials to stay ahead of the others and advance our people and your company. We are consistently reviewing different strategies while closely monitoring your advertising performance. We do not look at this as a cost but as an investment with a high return.

Reports – Analyze & Adjust Marketing Channels

The longer you work with our company, the better your marketing system becomes using our artificial intelligence.

Your Business Can Grow and Grow and Grow Graph

The monthly graph of an HVAC customer started with 480 visitors per month and has now approached the incredible number of 40,000 per month.

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