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We work with contractors who want to grow their business and become wealthy. We also work with contractors who are struggling to earn net profits above industry with high double-digit margins. We help contractors who are looking for a marketing company that measures success by increased sales. You will no longer be burdened with making sure you have enough work for your service people. We are there to keep the pipeline of estimates coming in and to grow the numbers of installations needed without any hidden fees. We are dedicated to helping contractors thrive and grow, and we offer training and coaching to help with every aspect of running a business. With an MBA and as a contractor for over 28 years, I have the experience to offer you a program to fit your schedule and your goals. Learn the difference Most contractors who hire marketing companies are not aware that most marketing campaigns work to drive traffic and clicks so that your provided reports look good and show that the marketing company is doing their job. Almost every marketing company will compromise the end goal to offer a lower price to get jobs from contractors. Not us! It is critical to ensure that your marketing performance is measured by your sales. Actually, it is not important how many visitors, clicks, or traffic comes to your website. When that becomes your measurement of performance, you will spend a lot of money and will not get many calls, leads, or work to justify all of the money you are spending. Your measurement We measure, as stated, your marketing performance by your sales. We specialize in multi-channel marketing that uses all different methods to get the highest return on your investment. We also use a combination of indirect and direct communication channels, including pertinent websites, social media sites, e-mails, reputation building, on-page SEO, Digital Ads, and others. Get Certainty To ensure that contractors make the best decisions possible, we only work with the most experienced contractors, measure performance by your sales, use many types of marketing options to get your company to grow with certainty, and guarantee results in contractor marketing. Our Guarantee–we will use our limitless knowledge and many resources to grow your sales at least ten times the amount you invest in your marketing bundles with Combat Contractor Marketing! Hire with Confidence; If you select any of our marketing bundles and your sales do not increase by ten, we will keep marketing your company for FREE until your sales reach ten times your investment. Your success starts with a phone call. Take the next step, and contact us immediately.
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