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We work with your existing marketing budget and reallocate marketing dollars to proven marketing with higher ROI. Our marketing plans are simple as picking out what percentage of your marketing budget and what ROI do you want to achieve. Making contractor marketing simple for you.For contractors, designed by contractors, guaranteed performance!

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You get an all-inclusive multi-channel marketing platform and approach
based on the business goals and your company size.

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Multichannel marketing refers to the practice of marketing and interacting with highly targeted customers using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels – Websites, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, Email, Referrals and more.


The Contracting Industry Biggest Problem

  • 95% of marketers say they know how important multichannel marketing is for targeting and sales growth. However, less than 75% say they have a multichannel strategy in place (source).
  • 90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels (source).
  • Only 9% of marketers can currently engage customers across channels on a consistent basis (source).

Only 18% of advertisers
use one marketing channel.

Source: 2019 Small Business Marketing Survey, Taradel LLC

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10 Big Contractor Marketing Challenges


  • Building a Website.
  • Understanding Your Audience.
  • Creating Content.
  • Keeping Team Working Everyday.
  • Getting New Leads.
  • Driving Sales.
  • Building Authority
  • Brand Consistency
  • Getting Reviews
  • Developing Trust.

10 Big Contractor Labor Challenges


  • Finding Qualified people.
  • Hiring Process
  • Training
  • Expectations
  • Increasing Average Sales Ticket
  • Shoulder Seasons
  • Slow Times
  • Keeping Employees
  • Costs
  • Efficiency

Get Your Marketing and Labor Challenges Solved with Our Multi Channel Marketing and Labor Load Management Marketing That is in real time so you can focus on running your business.

  • Developed by a contractor of a multi-million dollar mechanical company
  • MBA in Business with Marketing programs from Warton Business School
  • Granted Us patent for methods of e commerce
  • Patent pending for a supply chain marketing machine

10 Big Contractor Business Management


  • Positive Cash Flow
  • Culture
  • Billable Hours
  • Knowing your Numbers
  • Procedures
  • How to get more profit
  • Understanding the P&L Statement
  • Knowing what to do with the financial information
  • Prioritizing requirements
  • Accountability
  • Responsibilities
  • Daily Monitoring

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You Can Be a Millionaire or Multi-Millionaire Now with Our Business Coaching & Proprietary “Know Your Numbers” Software Designed to be Easy, Fast and Awesome

  • Easy to use it does all the tracking and formulas for success
  • Connects to QuickBooks and always in real time
  • Know your leads, sales, production, customer acquisition, trends and triggers
  • Real Time Triggers if this is happening you need to implement that marketing or task
  • All with personal coaching for profits

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